Saturday, March 28, 2009


In an attempt to cover my internet tracks, I've moved shop. If you want to find my new space with my old & new posts, send me an e-mail:

Thanks for reading!


  1. um, duh! please send me the new digs

  2. I would like the new address to please...

  3. Wow, I need computer lessons from you.

    Thanks for bothering to read and join my blog. I can't rub two thoughts together some days. I did poop in Japanese today, I've never done a foreign language before, don't know what it said.

    Your address suggests that you knit, I have tried several times, can't do it.

  4. would love to read you, man. what's with the secrecy? (writes the ninja ;)
    pretty please? cheers.

  5. Looking for your blog after reading comments on Antonia's blog. Mostly in love with your vamp avatar pic. Please send coordinates if you so choose.